Copy Tip of the Week – How to Growth Hack Your Followers in 5 Minutes

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When you put money into stocks or any other financial instruments, the first thing you do is to look at its returns. If we give you two separate funds that give you the same returns and drawdowns, the next thing you would want to compare is trustworthiness.

On the CopyPip platform, you would have noticed that not many of the strategy providers update the description in their profile.

Below is a provider that left his profile description to default.

Copy Tip 20190621 #1

In comparison, a strategy provider that has an updated description would seem more credible and gives the followers peace of mind if they are to follow the provider. Below is an example of a provider who updated his/her profile description.

Copy Tip 20190621 #2

If both the strategy providers above were to produce similar returns and drawdown, most would choose to follow the second as the description provides details such as the provider’s trading style, recommended lot size and other information which is usually not available.

How to edit your description as a Strategy Provider?

1) Click on “My Followers”, “Reports” or “Trades”.

Copy Tip 20190621 #3

2) Click on “Settings”.

Copy Tip 20190621 #4


3) Enter your description and then click “Save”.

Copy Tip 20190621 #5


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